Focusing your business “The Customer’s Way”

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My book, “The Customer’s Way”, is based on a simple yet comprehensive process, generically known as Voice of The Customer, for uncovering your customers’ desires as well as identifying key opportunities for improving your business processes. The information that results from applying this process will allow you to strategically implement robust modifications in your processes with a strong focus on what your customer is willing to purchase. (Imagine, no more guessing what they want!!!)

Using a systematic approach I guide you through a simple 7 step process:

  1. Build a small team of internal experts
  2. Identify what information we already know
  3. Identify what we do not know enough about
  4. Develop specific topics of conversation for interviews
  5. Interview select individuals we believe have the information we need
  6. Bring the interview responses back to the team for sorting and analysis
  7. Develop specific solutions based on the the top rated responses

Free white paper click here Customers Way overview

Do you need a preview of the process before hiring me?  Buy the book through Amazon and enjoy the engaging story.  Let me know what you think.