The mission of River’s End Consulting is to train and mentor your team in identifying true customer wants and needs by using a proven system. With careful coaching the system guides your team through an organized process of discovery that will:

  1. Identify what the team does not fully understand
  2. Identify individuals who can supply the unknown information
  3. Perform in-depth interviews with those carefully selected individuals
  4. Sort and refine the data into a well defined, manageable list of customer identified and customer prioritized objectives

The result of this process naturally leads to increased customer satisfaction, higher customer retention, improved profitability and greatly improved customer relationships.

This process should be implemented prior to any major investment in product development, process improvement or waste elimination initiatives. Doing so will assure that customer needs are properly represented in the execution of critical business improvements.


The foundational philosophy of River’s End Consulting is to train and equip your team so they can, ultimately, solve future problems independently thus reducing or eliminating the need for excessive consulting costs.